We are here to experience love and to extend love using our sacred trusts from God and our bodies and our minds. The body is merely a means of communicating that life and love extend beyond it.  In fact, we are not imprisoned or enchained by the body and what it does and doesn’t do.  Each and every day we can make a choice to feel better and to live better when we experience peace, acceptance, and gratitude for the healing of the mind which results in the healing of the body.

Tender Luving Services believes that health is more than the absence of disease and you need to feel well. Our mission is to help individuals and groups be born anew into health and happiness, peace and love. A sick mind, body, and spirit are simply a cry for love and that is what we offer loving services which tap into our innate power to heal.  We are here to facilitate your healing process and to illumine the mind and body for you and each and every life you touch.