Quartz Crystals in its purist form are made of Silicon Dioxide. Which is two of earths most abundant compounds.

Crystal therapy is one way of healing problems in the body with the help of external stimulus. In this way the energy flowing in your body gets affected. It is also known as gemstone therapy. It is helpful in invoking changes in energy levels in the body. Basically crystal therapy helps to stop any kind of pain. Also, it is used for making the body aura pure. In our body, according to Hindi psychology, there are seven energy centers commonly known as “chakras”. These “chakras” are the places which help to make our body pure. In this way our body is made free from diseases and pains. The crystals are placed on these “chakras” in order to heal the area.

The crystals are placed on different chakras depending on which part the effect needs to take place. It is not compulsory that the crystals have to be placed on the chakras. They come in different forms nowadays. They can be worn and also they can be kept near you like bedside while sleeping, etc.

Nowadays crystal therapies are gaining popularity. These are used in hospitals. Also nurses are taught how to use the crystal therapy. It is now applied by doctors. The only drawback is that the doctors do not yet understand the functioning of these crystals. Also it is available as “instant crystal therapy solutions”. Now it is no more considered as a myth. It is also taken as a type of medicine. But still till date crystals are considered as a joke. No one believes that it really works. The people who have been helped due to it only are the ones who believe. Also, these are not medicines. These are much more powerful than we cannot imagine. If wrong energy is passed on, it has got the potential of taking one’s life. This mostly happens when the therapy is suddenly stopped. Hence, it can be very dangerous. It cannot be taken lightly.

The origin of its use is still a mystery. But this has been working since ages. Most of the people still think that crystal therapy is spiritual despite knowing that people have been using it for ages. It has been helping man since time immemorial. Also, doctors and scientists do not officially approve this as a drug. Also the therapist who performs this therapy on a patient should make sure that he is fee from negative energy. Or else, it may so happen that the negative energy of the healer might get transferred to the patient. But because of this fear, crystals’ usage should not be stopped. In these cases, the therapist should be personally found by you.

Silica combined with oxygen make up what is known as quartz crystal, and many people are waking up the fact that silica is a pivotal mineral in the human body.

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