‘Kundalini’ means the power which resides in the human body in the form of a coiled serpent in Muladhara Chakra, the first of the seven chakras. And Kundalini Yoga is a type of traditional yoga practice of physical discipline through meditation. It is the subdivision of Hatha yoga describing a set of advanced yoga exercises. It is a pure spiritual science guiding one to self-enlightenment and realizing the Supreme with the help of a spiritual master. The awakening of kundalini means enlightening the inner knowledge of human being. By meditating one can create that self-awareness which leads to awakening of Kundalini. And Kundalini Yoga DVDs are the best possible aid in this regard. Giving proper guidance is the only aim of these DVDs.

Music is also another aid in meditation. Music with its universal appeal can make wonder in soothing and relaxing the mind and body. Even science is using music as therapy to combat different illness and problems. Yoga music with its soothing and divine tunes can heal all the tensions and anxieties from the mind and help it to calm and meditate. Following are the all time favorite top 5 Kundalini yoga DVDs that will surely help in healing the mind-

1. Kundalini Yoga by Gurmukh – This DVD gives admirable instruction on Kundalini Yoga, the ancient practice of awakening the spiritual senses lying within, by the internationally acclaimed Yoga teacher Gurmukh. This DVD has energizing series of exercises for awakening the spirit or breath in the beginning and meditative relaxation exercises at the end. Aerobics exercises are also included to compliment the Yoga practices.

2. Add Grace and Prosperity with Kundalini Yoga – Another most favorite DVD for all Kundalini yoga practitioners. Awe-inspiring yoga exercises by Yogi Bhajan in the early morning is taught to prepare people for deep meditation. This series is fun-filled, and relaxing as well as help the viewers to balance and elevate. The series ends with ‘Ganesha or Ganapati Kriya’, a type of meditation. It wards off all negative vibes from the life and eases the daily chores for the betterment of the future. It promises to add luck, prosperity and grace to one’s life. This Kundalini Research Institute or KRI approved DVD features inspirational healing Yoga music by Snatam Kaur from her CD ‘Prem’.

3. An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Chanting with Mantra Girl – Filmed in the serene ocean-faced land of Malibu, Mantra Girl gives instruction to get introduced to Kundalini yoga. This comprehensive series is suitable for all levels and helpful for everyone in strengthening the body. Practicing this yoga also helps one to relax the mind and make it more focussed. Music from Mantra Girl’s debut album ‘Truth’ and pure meditation music in it take one to the spiritual land of divinity. It is a must have for the all Kundalini yoga practitioners.

4. Kundalini Yoga to Detox by Maya Feinnes – This series of at-home Kundalini yoga exercises by renowned yoga instructor Maya Fiennes is suitable for everyone, each and every level from novices to advanced is elaborately taught here. These exercises is beneficial for everybody to combat the stress and calm the body and soul from all negative powers. The wonderful use of Indian holy mantras makes it a right choice for all spiritual minds among other types of Kundalini yoga DVDs.

5. Kundalini Yoga for Balanced Chakras by Gurutej-One can stimulate the crucial chakras of his or her body’s energy centers by practicing Kundalini Yoga taking help from this DVD. It contains a vigorous and dynamic class helping to learn sixteen asanas where the guide is famous Yoga teacher, Gurutej Kaur. The pure holy chants and moving exercises will help the viewers to awake the Kundalini power and make it flow evenly in the whole body.

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