After listening to the audio book Money And The Law Of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks,
I found myself thinking… Successful entrepreneurs deliberately and knowingly use these techniques to become more effective in their endeavors. The technique of focusing your attention on that which you desire, is a direct result of their accomplishments!

While others wonder how everything they touch turns to gold, and think, “Its just luck, they have some advantage not available to Me!”…Most successful entrepreneurs ARE aware, and deliberately practice these techniques on a regular basis. This knowledge, and awareness allows them to accomplish what they desire and overcome daily obstacles with ease and in the confidence they will experience what they focus their attention on. Negative or positive!

We are told that we can accomplish anything we desire, and at sometime have experienced a moment where we felt accomplishment with ease and little resistance. We felt GOOD! Yet few believe this to be a lasting feeling or a true and on-going reality.

Why? Because that’s the story we tell ourselves! We are taught from when we are children that, “Nothing worth having, comes easy”, “If there is no pain there’s no gain”, “Its hard work that brings success”, “Be happy with what you have”, “Money is the root to all evil”, “Stuff happens, just accept it”.

We tell this story to ourselves over and over again. As a result that’s what we experience, that becomes our reality, and we still find ourselves without success and feeling bad. Then we conclude “Its not suppose to come with ease”, “I must not be working hard enough” or “I haven’t gone through enough pain”, “I shouldn’t strive for money, its the root of all evil”, “I should be happy with what I don’t have”, “Just accept it”, “Who am I to feel GOOD and accomplish things with ease and little resistance?”.

What’s the solution? We have to start telling ourselves a different story! When we find ourselves focusing or worrying about what we don’t have, feeling resistant and negative. That’s okay; we only need to embrace that is our inner warning signal. It’s ourselves telling us to solve the question…”I know I’m feeling resistant and negative and this is not what I want! So what is it, that I want?” We then only have to focus our attention on the things we desire, that what makes us feel good, with the knowing those things are there for us, and we are deserving of the things we want, those things that make us feel good. We must visualize ourselves having those things, see ourselves in the picture.

Our brain does not care what we think…Its purpose is to recreate what we think, to make it happen, to bring it into reality. It will recreate that which we focus our attention on, that what we think about. That’s how thoughts become things!

I’m trying to remember where I read this, it may have been in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This may not be a direct quote, but you’ll get the picture. “The things we focus on, that which are the dominating thoughts of our mind, will recreate them selves in outward reality!”

“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking!” Money And The Law Of Attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks

Our challenge is only to start telling ourselves a different story! The outcome will be the story we tell ourselves!

Joe Burnett
Internet Marketing Consultant
Success Coach

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