It is not a coincidence that the same people who doubt or fail to recognize the existence of their Spirit, are also the same people who dismiss intuition as being nothing more than superstition or the byproduct of an overactive imagination. For intuition is the language of the Spirit. Intuition is a knowing without the benefit of reason or prior experience. It is direct knowing, or knowledge from the very core of your being.

The Spiritual region of the mind is the intuitive region of the mind. Intuition is a higher faculty than that of intellect or reason. With intuition you simply know. With the intellect, you must gather information through personal experience, put the pieces of that information together, then draw conclusions about that assembled information. You intellectually rediscover what you intuitively already know. Intuition is “a feeling about something which we can’t explain on the basis of anything we’ve learned.” Intuition is expressed in the form of feeling. It is feeling which distinguishes communication from your Spirit in contrast to your other mental dialogue and impressions.  

In their book, Ask and it is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks describe what they refer to as the Emotional Guidance System. They explain that the significance of your emotions extends far beyond your mere temperament. By simply being aware of your emotions, at any given moment, you may ascertain your degree of alignment with your Spirit. Whenever you give your attention to a thought, you excite an emotion. The more positive and joyful this emotion feels, the more the thought you are giving your attention to is in alignment with what your Spirit knows to be Real and in your best interest. When your emotion feels distressing, it is an indication that the thought you are giving your attention to is misaligned with what your Spirit knows to be Real and in your best interest.

“Your emotions – simply, purely, and only – are about your relationship with your Source (your Spirit). And since your emotions tell you everything that you would ever need to know about your relationship with your Source, we often refer to your emotions as your Emotional Guidance System…

Your emotions indicate the degree of your alignment with Source. Although you can never achieve such a complete misalignment with Source that you disconnect from it altogether, the thoughts that you choose to give your attention to do give you a substantial range in alignment or misalignment with the Non-Physical Energy that is 

truly who you are. And so, with time and practice, you will come to know, in every moment, your degree of alignment with who you really are, when you are in full allowance of the Energy of your Source, you thrive, and to the degree that you do not allow this alignment, you do not thrive.

You are empowered Beings; you are utterly free to create, and when you know that, and are focused upon things that are in vibrational harmony with that, you feel absolute joy. But when you think thoughts that are contrary to that truth, you feel the opposite emotions of disempowerment and bondage. And all emotions fall somewhere within the range, from joy to disempowerment.” – from Esther and Jerry Hicks Ask and It Is Given.

So “you see, you do not necessarily (always) have conscious recognition of the thoughts or intentions of your inner or broader perspective (your Spiritual perspective) – but you do have communication. All physical Beings have communication from their Inner Being in the form of emotion, and so whenever your emotion is positive, you can know that you are in harmony with your inner intentions.” – from Esther and Jerry Hicks The Law of Attraction.

Aside from this general communication through our Emotional Guidance System, actual conscious awareness of our Spirit’s insights occurs more frequently than many of us presently recognize. The next time you get this inexplicable feeling about something, an enigmatic urge AND thought about something which you can’t explain but if even for a moment you just know is right and true, don’t be so dismissive of it. That’s your Spirit prompted inner voice communicating with you, providing you with guidance from its on-high perspective – from its perspective of simply knowing.

Usually when most of us experience these intuitive thought-feelings, our rational faculties kick in so fast we hardly have time to process these messages from our Spirit. Our rationality very promptly reminds us that the thought-feeling we just experienced was based on nothing concrete or logical, and therefore the message or prompting it incited should be dismissed. And that’s exactly what most of us too often do – we dismiss these insights offered by our Spirit. A great many of us choose to solely be guided by the knowledge we have acquired through our direct experiences because this knowledge is grounded in data which we can trace. Many of us feel more comfortable with this kind of knowing; a knowing which basically amounts to supposition or drawing conclusions about things based on the information we have readily available. Simply knowing something, without that knowing being grounded in information we obtained through our experience probably seems too fantastic to be real. But it is real. In fact, it’s more real than that knowing which is based on intellect or reason. Following a feeling which you can’t explain is not irrational, but denying yourself the benefit of being guided by your Spirit is. You may, at first, feel apprehensive about yielding to your “gut,” but you can train your rational faculties to accept your Spirit prompted intuitive insights. The more you allow yourself to be guided by intuition, despite the protests of your rational faculties, the more evidence of your intuition’s authenticity will be made apparent to you. And your rationality will eventually come around to accepting that there are some things that You just simply know which is based on nothing that you know. For this knowing is simply another facet of your divine heritage.

Do not make the mistake, however, of confusing your Spirit prompted inner-voice with you simply wanting something to be true, because there is a definite distinction between intuition and mere wishful thinking. Talking yourself into a belief, or knowing by convincing, is not the same thing as intuition. This type of “inner-voice” comes from your ego, not your Spirit. Always keep in mind that it is the feeling of simply knowing something to be right or true, without coercion and without direct knowledge obtained through your experience, which distinguishes communication from the Spirit. The hunches you feel is your Spirit speaking to you. The gut feelings you get is your Spirit speaking to you. The flashes of insight which illuminate your imagination and leave you feeling awed is your Spirit speaking to you.

Do you remember that inner-voice you heard which urged you not to get involved with that nightmare of a boyfriend or girlfriend you had (or possibly still have)? You heard that inner-voice. You felt the knowing that accompanied that inner-voice. But then your rationality kicked in and told you to ignore it, that that urging was based on nothing. Just look at him (or her). Your rationality told you that that smile they just gave you was what was real. That that charm he was enamoring you with was what was real. That your wanting to get to know him better was what was real. This was the information you got directly from your experience. This was the information which your reason concluded was concrete, and so you did exactly what your rationality encouraged you to do. You ignored the intuitive inner-voice that you’d initially heard which warned you not to go there with that person because your rationality told you that your intuition was based on nothing “substantial.” So you went ahead and went there anyway and had to learn the hard way, through direct experience, that your initial “feeling” was right. Through hindsight you may now realize that your intuition was based on more substance than you gave it credit for at the time. We’ve all done this – if not with a boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps with a job or career choice, something we purchased, a vacation choice… Somewhere in our lives we’ve all made this mistake (often repeatedly), where we’ve ignored our Spirit prompted inner-voice.

This communication can come in the form of words, accompanied by that knowing feeling we just spoke of. Or sometimes a vision and / or memories are triggered in your imagination; kind of like having a waking dream. It is different from a daydream, where you consciously direct what is happening in your mind’s eye. In this “waking dream” your Spirit directs the vision. Your Spirit blends certain memories you have and impressions you’ve assumed, and constructs a symbolic scenario which it then passes before your conscious awareness through the faculty of your imagination in order to prompt your conscious mind to see something which isn’t readily apparent to it yet. This “waking dream” is also accompanied by a feeling of knowing. It is this feeling which signifies that the imagery in your mind’s eye is from your Spirit. The only difference between seeing your intuitive insights in your imagination and “hearing” your Spirit articulate the words is that with the former, your Spirit shows you what it wants you to know, and with the latter your Spirit simply tells you what it wants you to know. So how do we become more adept at identifying our Spirit’s “voice?” There are questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if the inner-voice you are “hearing” or the mental picture you are seeing is truly of an intuitive nature, prompted by your Spirit, or if it’s your ego simply talking to itself. Ask yourself: 

Can the “feeling” I experienced really not be explained by reason or something within my conscious or subconscious frame of reference? Did my inner-voice urge an explicit course of action or answer a specific question which I had been asking? For authentic intuition always either urges a specific action, or provides broader insight to a puzzle you’d been trying to find the solution to. Your Spirit prompted inner-voice will never offer you idle information. There is always something immediately useful about the information it imparts to you. When it urges action, you may not (consciously) understand the purpose of the action being encouraged, but that’s part of what brands it as intuition (it falls outside the realm of your reason). It is a test of faith. Was the “feeling” I experience loving in quality? For authentic intuition will never prompt you to cause yourself or others any harm. Did this inner-voice seem to originate from my head or from my gut? When it feels like you’re in your head it’s because you are. You’re using your rational facilities, not your intuitive faculties, when you are in your head. Gut feelings come from your intuition, which is your Spirit’s voice.


Look for that feeling, that sensation of resonance; that tingle or inexplicable sensation of just knowing something is true. It’s usually accompanied by a sensation of excitement or immediacy. This sensation is very different from the sensation of yearning or wishful thinking, in wanting something to be true, or the “me” ego asking and answering its own question. Whenever I have received authentic intuitive insight, it was always an insight that stayed with me as being true. My understanding of that truth always changes in the sense that my comprehension of it gains greater depth or clarity and detail, but the truth itself never changes, it is merely my conscious understanding of it which evolves.

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Evette Gardner is the author of the self realization / advaita ebook Divine Heritage. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. You can read more of her articles on her web site and blog.

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