In this article we are going to look at what crystal therapy is, as well as the properties of amber. Once we have explored the properties of amber we will consider ways in which you can use it to your advantage and the conditions that can be helped by amber.

What is Crystal Therapy?

The principle behind crystal therapy is that each crystal has a specific energy. This energy acts on the body and the mind of a person and can result in a change of mental and physical health. The way in which crystals are used can very quite significantly but the basic idea is that a person comes into close proximity with a crystal on a regular basis. It is important to fully assess the situation to ensure you find the right crystal for your particular condition.

What are the Properties of Amber?

Amber is a crystal that is waxy and a honey-yellow colour. Although that is usual you can also find varieties that have tinges of blue, green, brown or red. Amber is a fossil that is created from the resin of the pine tree family that lost their water millions of years ago. This means that it is not a true crystal but is actually a mineraloid. It is found in a large number of places but is most commonly seen in the Dominican Republic, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Spain and Mexico. It also has electromagnetic properties and if you rub an amber stone with a cloth it can build up an electrical charge. This charge will mean it attracts small items that include wood shavings, paper and straw. Amber has been used for thousands of years for its magical properties and below we will consider just how you can benefit from those properties today.

Healing Properties of Amber

Amber has a large number of properties and has benefits that are associated with its electromagnetic abilities. These include the fact that it is a great for detoxification and protection from radiation. In particular this includes things like x-rays, the sun, computers, airports, planes and energy from other people.

Amber originates from trees and this connection with nature gives it a great spiritual and grounding ability.  This connection with nature is thought to help ground spiritual energy in the physical body. This can help to bring stability into your life and make you a lot more balanced. In terms of medical conditions, this property means that it can be useful for depression and suicidal thoughts helping to bring about a positive mental attitude.

It is also a stone that is thought to help the mind and in particular memory so could be a useful stone to help ward of dementia. In addition it can aid with creativity and help people to accept changes that are occurring in their lives.

Medically, folklore says that it can be useful for easing pain in childbirth particularly when placed on the solar plexus. In addition it is thought to ease problems with the belly, gall bladder, liver, thymus. It is thought to stop nose bleeds, help with headaches, sore throats, fever and toothache. Other conditions that it is thought to ease include various bone-related problems, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Amber is also used in the ancient practise of Feng Shui and when used is thought to encourage good health and create balance and calm. When used in the northeast of a home it is useful for self development and wisdom and when used in the southwest it can aid relationships, love and remove negativity from a room.

All in all amber is a very powerful stone with a lot of benefits. It is important to select the right stone form you and make sure you buy it from a reputable source to get the maximum benefits.

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