Since the beginning of time,crystals have proved to be of great value to mankind.Crystals are used to increase wealth,longetivity,relationships,and for power & popularity.They have curative powers as well as the power to pour in fortune & drive away evil.Certain crystals have the power of healing & fortune giving & have made life happier for many people.

Crystals are mother earth’s gift to us,formed within her body,they are living energy,in a way they are the key to the universe.Each particular type of crystal can be seen as a key,& we can use these keys to access specific energies,whether that be for healing,meditation,protection,understanding,as well as a thousand other uses.Many different cultures have utilized the power of crystals for as long as humans have inhabited the earth.

Crystals can help with relaxation,self growth,stress reduction,increased self confidence,heightened awarness & self-awarness,increased spirituality,& restore balance to mind,body & spirit.Crystals also assist the body in shattering & throwing off that which is causing infection or disease.Crystals have long been recognised for their unique healing properties.The energies from crystals react from our aura of energy,energy in the area (office,home and vehicle) & make the balance of energies.The crystals are alive-entities pulsating,radiating & vibrating at different rates.They create strong energy fields,which enable us to be charged with their energies;they activate our abilities,soothe & comfort,heal & balance through the purity & directness of their beams.

We all have our own life/energy force,and we have energy points called ‘Chakras’.Crystals are used by healers to help realign chakras,as they can assist the healing process,& can be programmed for particular jobs.Crystals can enhance,promote & help bring choosen energies.Placing a specific crystal on a chakra helps to envoke & stimulate the most subtle forces.A quick look at the world around us shows everything to be either ‘Crystalline’ or potentially crystalline.The human body is also crystalline in nature.The largest single element in the human body is water,which is a form of ‘liquid crystal’.The blood is also liquid crystal.The trace minerals etc. are all crystalline in nature.

The following is a list of a few crystals.This information is not intended to substitute for proper medical attention:-

Amethyst:sedative energy,stability,strength & peace.


Citrine:positive energy,warmth,joy,optimism.



Lapis Lazuli:knowledge,wisdom,perfection.

Malachite:loyalty,fidelity,reasoning ability.




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