Where do mistakes fit in to the Law of Attraction? Is there such a thing as a mistake? Or is it time to find a new way of viewing experiences that don’t turn out the way we had hoped they would? Authors Esther and Jerry Hicks (who offer the teachings of Abraham) call experiences we don’t enjoy ‘contrast’. Perhaps mistakes are forms of contrast, helping us to get clearer about our desire.

Enjoying the contrast? That?s one of the questions Abraham always asks the attendees at an Abraham-Hicks Law of Allowing workshop.Contrast is a word that we don’t often think of when focusing on things we are unhappy about. And one thing folks often have contrast about is when we think we have goofed, blown it, or “ruined everything”.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you make a mistake. Often, mistakes are thought of as failures or poor outcomes. As humans, we tend to criticize ourselves and beat ourselves up when we goof up. Here’s an example from my practice that turns that viewpoint upside down:

“Lindsey” came to me very discouraged. She had put so much effort into applying to art school, building a portfolio, having it photographed and completing the different requirements for application for each school. She had completed her first year in college and realized that she had chosen the wrong school, perhaps the wrong major. She was lonely and stressed. Her grades were poor and she no longer enjoyed drawing, something she had always loved before.

Lindsey’s words spilled out about all the things she had done wrong and all the time and money she had wasted. Finally, she said “It was all a big mistake. I am such a loser!”

It took some work over a few weeks for Lindsey to get to the place where she could see some benefit to all the things she had done, even to having gone to school where she did. She chose to take some time off and work and explore her interests. She took a class at the Junior College in her other love, writing. We continued to work on separating her from her results- valuing who she was.

Later that year, as she was saying goodbye and preparing to head out on a new path, we sat laughing about some of her memories. When I asked her what had helped the most, she said “It was when you told me that I would know I was really living my life if I was making lots of mistakes! I really got how being afraid of blowing it can keep me from going for my dreams. I have a little sign up in my bathroom that you gave me. It says “Mistakes Are Wonderful Opportunities to Learn”.

Perhaps you would like some new points of view about mistakes: Mistakes are legitimate and justifiable: You could say there’s no such thing as mistakes, but we are all pretty used to that word. So let’s reframe it. Mistakes are proof that you are trying new things. If you aren’t making mistakes, you must be playing it so safe that you are hardly living. So, when you try something new or things go awry, celebrate! Isn’t it great to have gotten clearer about what you don’t want? Plus, you have now told the universe more clearly what you DO want.

Acknowledging mistakes is a sign of strength: Being willing to explore, go out on the edge, and fail, especially in front of others, is a sign of someone who believes in herself and her ability to succeed. This is a powerful creator of a person.

Mistakes only indicate that you are not ready to do something right now, not that you will never be ready to do it. Along the way to big successes, you may find it hard to keep up to speed with your dreams. You may try things that you don’t have all the skills and resources to succeed at…yet. Time is definitely on your side when it comes to developing competence and eventually succeeding.

Mistakes are laughable. Don’t take it all too seriously. If you can laugh at yourself and your failed efforts, you will be able to stay in the positive energy required to try again or take the next step.Mistakes are generally not catastrophic. And even those that have nasty outcomes can offer up huge opportunities to learn and to retune our vibration.

Therefore, mistakes are profitable. You learn from them.

In truth, mistakes are just proof that you are human. In living your life, they are part of the process. Imagine how boring life would be, if we always got it right the first time!

Enjoy the contrast that mistakes provide. That’s what life is all about!

Laurie Stolmaker is an licensed therapist, speaker, and Law of Attraction coach. Her private practice is in Santa Rosa, CA. Laurie’s genius is in guiding people to uncover and unleash the joy that is their natural birthright. She is the creator of the popular 50-day Joyful On The Way program. Claim your free recording, “Unleash Your Success” to joy-start your day at =>

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