The Teaching of Abraham : How Abraham Hicks turned an atheist into a faith-centered (non-religious) being

Although many have become aware of the existence of the Teachings of Abraham through the monumental success of Rhonda Byrne’s book and subsequent film ‘The Secret’; Jerry and Esther Hicks have been bringing us the words of Abraham on a variety of topics for over 20 years
I came into contact with Esther Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham fairly recently and to be honest I was surprised at how quickly it resonated with me. I am a staunch atheist and to be honest, if you had asked me even 6 months ago if I believed in a sense of a spirtual self, or any type of non-physical entity my answer would have been an emphatic no! My parents are atheists and to be honest I was brought up with the concept that faith was a weakness. Only people that could not cope with reality turned to faith; it was a crutch.

As I got older I began to learn to respect others opinions and beliefs (I always described it as respecting someone’s personal truth, which was just as important to them, as mine was to me). But underneath it all I still had a strong belief that faith of any type was not for me.

So, how did this strong belief since I have had since my earliest childhood change so dramatically?

Well to be honest it was not some kind of epiphany, it was a series of events and feelings, which I now realize was the slow process of listening to my inner being and recognizing my role as a deliberate creator.

The first two steps happened a number of years ago:

1. While I was at University in the UK (where I am originally from), I studied politics. I went into the course with very strong often aggressive views on different political situations (yes, I was that person you should never mention politics, religion or economics with!). I left University confused generally, but with a very definite idea that I should not push my views on others; that your view is as important to you as mine is to me and I should respect that fact. This is a very general view point and not that easy to put into practice, but it was very important to me and something I have held onto ever since.

2. In my early 20s, I managed to plunge headfirst into a relationship which was very unhealthy for me. I realized during this relationship that there were many things missing in my life, my problem was not only that I did not have ‘the right partner’. I decided to go for some NLP coaching, which for those who have not come across it yet is neuro-linguistic programming. For me, NLP was a real turning point, as it introduced the concept of changing your negative thoughts, into positive thoughts and to use visualization to get you there. Unfortunately, I did not see the light when it came to the bad relationship for another 4 years, but it was a big step in my change of thinking.

Fast forwarding to about 14 months ago, I still knew that there were things missing within my life but I was not sure what they were, or to how to go about getting them. I had a good job, had kicked the terrible partner to the curb and was surrounded by friends, but I still felt like I did not understand something. I had used NLP to help me get to my perfect weight, kick smoking and feel more confident, but it was not enough somehow. There was something missing.

I decided that I would fulfill my dreams of travelling and (I have to admit with little thought involved), chucked in my (pretty good) job and headed to Honduras in Central America to work in a hostel. Honestly, the hostel was awful and I had given my notice in within a month, but I really wanted to continue on my journey and began looking around for other volunteer positions in the region.

Around this time I walked into a bar, randomly during the day, as I was waiting for some blood test results from a stomach upset. Sitting down in the bar, there was only one other person present. For me it is the highest form of rudeness to not speak to someone if there are only two of you there and I attempted to talk with him in my (still) terrible Spanish. Luckily the guy (Santiago) is tri-lingual (makes you sick don’t it!!) and he ended up offering me a job, on the basis that his wife met me, liked me and I sent him some evidence of similar work I had done in the past.

So anyway (getting on with it!) Santiago and Karlee are definitely growth seeking beings and have made that their intention for a number of years. At first, I only read books they had relating to productivity, then I read books related to values and then read books related to how the people we are (our behavior patterns) affect how we relate to others. Nothing remotely spiritual; in fact any time they bought up the issue of faith (in non-religious terms) I wasn’t interested at all. What did connect our growth intentions was a belief in positive thought, which I had been focused on since the NLP coaching 7 years ago.

So, around 3 months ago, they finally convinced me to watch ‘The Secret’. I resisted not particularly because of the content, but because I am a book worm and have never been too bothered with movies. So, ‘The Secret’; a lot of people have had good and bad to say about it. To be honest, it was a 2 hour documentary, so by its nature it was going to be a little bit superficial; but for me, it definitely introduced the whole concept of Law of Attraction and I wanted to find out more.

This is where Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks came in. As I said in the beginning, if you had told me that I would take a middle aged woman channeling a family of beings from a non-physical world, touring the country with her husband in a monster van seriously I would have laughed (probably long and hard!!). At first I have to admit I was uncomfortable with the idea of channeling and instead focused on the words that were being said, my view was even if she was a complete con artist her message was good and I could feel myself becoming a happier person.

The best things I think I took from Abraham Hicks initially were the ideas:

1. Listen to your feelings, if something feels good keep doing it, if something feels bad, stop doing it. This is a pretty simple concept, but how many times have we not done this and it has led us into situations we did not want? One great example I had, was my terrible relationship. I got some pretty negative feeling way back in the beginning but reasoned them away.
2. Look for things that make you happy every day. For me this is just positive thinking on steroids. I started looking for good things every day, things that made me feel good, started focusing in those and doing them more or seeing them more.

After this introduction Santiago and Karlee lent me their Special Subjects CD and I have to admit it blew my mind. I am the kind of person who needs to see how everything works, so, for me, listening to the workshops was fun, but not what I needed.

I’ve been listening to the CDs and other Abraham Hicks workshops for about a month now and I have noticed a complete change in myself. I have actually started believing in myself as a deliberate creator. I have started using segment intending to focus on what I really, really want and you know what, I have been getting it. Every single day I have been making intentions and I have been receiving what I asked for. It has not always been what I intended precisely, as I think sometimes my intentions lack clarity. I will give you an example from the last two weeks:

* I put into motion the intention to have an MP3 player, mine had stopped working and as I love nothing more than listening to music on the beach this had been really bugging me. So what did the universe give me? Santiago realized my Ipod had a similar problem to his own caused by the humidity and managed to fix it
* Next, I realized I did not have any headphones, mine had been lost for the past few months; as I had not had an Ipod this had not really bothered me. This morning I set the intention of headphones. So what did the universe give me? Karlee had been looking through my things to help find my passport and had seen my headphones buried in an old bag, when I mentioned my intention to her this morning, she told me where they were.

So this is the slightly rambling, abbreviated process that brought me to the point that I am at now. So what benefits has it brought me?

1. I am happy 80-90% of the time (still working on the other 10-20%!)
2. My stress levels (which were huge before) are unbelievably low
3. I have a clear idea of where I am going in life and every day I have evidence I am getting there
4. I have no problems making decisions, my inner guidance system does it for me
5. I have started to not care about what others are doing, or their thoughts of me; this has removed huge amounts of daily stress and negative emotions
6. I feel empowered; I create every situation in my life good and bad. Although people could think this is a negative thought when it comes to bad things, it isn’t, it allows you to put things into perspective and take control.

So anyway, I hope that you can either enjoy this story as an already deliberate creator, who allows the Law of Attraction into their life positively, or if you feel something is missing that it might give you some inspiration.

We hope to inspire you to Live Downstream everyday!! Abraham-Hicks has helped us so much that now we want to help others live downstream…

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