What Was Jesus Behavior Teaching Us 2000 Years Ago?

Two thousand years ago, Jesus did not protest or defend himself against the false accusations of blasphemy, which he was accused of during his Roman trail. Also, in the face of his conviction and the most egregious violent act of his crucifixion, we see him act with unconditional love and gentleness towards his accusers and while on the cross, he absolves an accused thief of guilt who hanging next to him. Then, after his death, Jesus reappears in spirit and speaks to lovingly reassure his disciples and gives them guidance.  Then, as now, do we understand what Jesus was teaching us from how he behaved in the above scenarios? Fortunately, Jesus has returned in spirit today to teach us again what he was demonstrating 2000 years ago because at this time in History, we have some basis in our knowledge from which to learn and come to understand Jesus’ message because of Freud’s contributions to Psychology and the findings that have come to light in Quantum Mechanics. Freud taught us that man will automatically projects whatever he suppresses or denies in an effort to escape from unacceptable and painful feelings and thoughts. It is the fundamental defense mechanism that we use to keep ourselves unawares of ourselves.   Quantum Mechanics has taught us that the observer is the observed and what we think is real is not real at all. Jesus uses this knowledge today to explain to us mankind’s psychology. As a result, he is presenting us with an entirely new paradigm, which sheds new light on mans’ behavior.

Today, Jesus Explains Man’s Psychology in his Book, A Course in Miracles

Jesus’ portrayal of mans’ psychology is theoretically presented in his recent Book, A Course in Miracles, which was published in 1976. He wrote this Book through Helen Schucman, who at the time was working as a professor at Columbia University. In this Book, Jesus explains, metaphorically, that a tiny mad of idea arose in Christ’s mind, which exists in the Mind of God. This mad idea arose from a desire to be separate from God. The idea of separation was so alien to God and our inseparable mind in God that it caused a part of Christ’s mind that was thinking this to dissociate from God’s Mind. This dissociation brought about consciousness, which gave rise to the belief that there is a separate observer who is distinct from what it observes. Thus, a small part of the Christ mind saw itself as separate from God despite the fact that this did not actually take place. Rather it was and still is an illusion.  But for the dissociated spirits who choose to pursue this thought of separation, they interpreted what they did as a sin, which brought about a profound sense of guilt. Their interpretation rested upon the belief that they had selfishly usurped or stole the life of God and Christ in God, which is their true identity, to create a separate or distinct identity. For many spirits this was tantamount to having destroyed God, Christ and all of Heaven. When belief of separation took hold with its abhorrent guilt, the psychological defense mechanism of denial suppressed the unbearable guilt and the memory of what they had done to God and Christ, and we know from Freud’s work that what is suppressed or denied will automatically be projected so that their guilt and God were then seen outside of their collective dissociated mind in an imagine of a guilty god who now was blamed for their separation from God. Also, the same projection mirrored that god was going to murder them or take back their life, which they believed that they stole from Him. This projection gave rise to the belief in the Bible of a vengeful God, of whom mankind became afraid. Every fear known to man today originates from this terror of God, which resides in our sub consciousness where this thought is completely unknown to man. As a result, we while being still in a state of spirit wanted desperately to escape from this vengeful god who we perceived was out to get us like we had been out to get God to separate from Him. Because of the inherited Power of God, as spirits, we collectively suppressed our terror of god and as a result, there ensued a gigantic projected explosion, which we call the Big Bang today where the entire contents of the dissociated mind of Christ was projected. This brought about the materialization of a separate World, populated by separated individuals and separate parts, which make up the animal, vegetable and mineral Kingdoms. God now was perceived to be far apart from us in a place that is way up in Heaven. This belief gave us some sense of safety despite being a projected illusion. In the World today, because of the beliefs surrounding what we think we did to God and ourselves as Christ is still buried in our sub-consciousness, it is still necessary to escape from the pain that is engenders. Thus we deny or continue to suppress guilt while we project it onto other people, groups or countries.  Very simply this has brought about every problem known to man including the disastrous effects of war, terrorism and genocide including less severe consequences of prejudice or intolerance. In addition, because we have projected the thought of separation into form, every part of our World is considered different and separate from every other part. This in itself makes it exceeding difficult for man to world in the best interests of all of humanity.   As a result, in the world today we see and experience the idea of separation everywhere while we are caught up in a cycle where we project our guilt onto others and see them as guilty instead of ourselves. As we see this on a global level, the same phenomenon exists in personal relationships so that for every marriage there is a divorce. Overall, we are driven by guilt and fear where we must find a scapegoat to be responsible for the intolerable but totally unrecognized feelings and beliefs that we all have which came about from a false belief that we separated from God. In the Bible it states that after the fall of man, which represents our perceived separation from God, man fell into a deep sleep from which he has not yet awoken.

Today, Jesus is the Leader of Mans’ Atonement

Jesus turned out to be the first human who healed his mind and woke up. Subsequently, he says in his Book, A Course in Miracles, that God made him the Leader of the Atonement of Mankind. The Atonement is the undoing of the ego, which falsely believes it has separated from God. Thus, to heal our mind of our unconscious guilt and fear and the resulting dissociations that occurred in our mind from belief we separated from God, Jesus’ Path, restores us to our original state of mind in God. The process of change occurs mainly with him in spirit or a Master Guide in spirit who he has trained and assigned to a student. In relatively short period of time, Jesus has already proved after having worked with me for twenty years that a student in this time period can regain his natural state of mind.  Ordinarily, to achieve this, it takes a person a thousand years or more to do this so that it is unprecedented in all of history, that Jesus’ Path can awaken us so quickly. Jesus is able to do this because not only are students guided on a daily basis with insights that he gives but he also uses Miracles from God to heal us of our guilt and fear while he teaches his students a unique Process of Forgiveness, which all together bring about a students awakening. In the end, we are able to maintain a mind that is filled with God’s peace, love, innocence, blessedness, sacredness, perfection, completeness, harmony, joy and freedom among many other exalted states of being. This is the state of mind that Jesus was in during his trail, crucifixion and after the resurrection of his spirit. He knew that his body was an illusionary projection despite being in a material or physical form. Also, he knew that his actual life in spirit is eternal and cannot ever be destroyed. Hence, it did not matter to him what the Romans did to his body nor was it important to defend himself against Gods Truth where he is always perfect, innocent and totally filled with God’s Love. Furthermore, he knew that everyone else no matter how atrociously they were behaving because of their own fear and guilt are brothers in Christ, and God has given them exactly what he has been given. In this state, there are no differences between spirits while at the same time each spirit expresses Gods gifts in unique ways all of which are facets of God’s Love. Also, all spirits exist in each other as Christ as they exist in God and as God exists in them in total Oneness. This is our natural glorious, ecstatic state of being, which is well worth returning to.

Jesus Teaches Us From Spirit After We Complete Certain Requirements

We are facing an exciting and monumental time in history because with Jesus’ new teachings and guidance we all have the opportunity, if we want, to return to our natural exalted state of mind where we exist as Christ in God. Any person who is interested in radically changing their psychology so that they may live in eternal peace and God’s Love, may do as I have with Jesus today providing they have fulfilled several requirements. They must have come to the place in their own spiritual development where they have given up searching for a better way to develop or to be happy. With this comes the recognition of not knowing how to help oneself any longer and this attitude of not knowing for many is further reinforced because it is so difficult to fathom what Jesus is telling us in A Course in Miracles. Nevertheless, it is important that a student has the tenacity to attempt to familiarize themselves with the main concepts of his Book while having completed the Workbook Lessons, which are at the end of it. Also, it is necessary that students devote themselves to a disciplined, meditative practice of receptive listening. If this much has been accomplished, then students can begin to uncover and face their ego, however when this becomes too painful at that point it is necessary to ask Jesus for help. He will respond if students are committed to doing this work and if they have fulfilled the above requirements. Jesus will then guide and teach a student or he will assign a Master Guide he has trained to students so that they can each be taught while being guided through a literal or actual Course in Miracles.

What Jesus Did For The Writer Today

In the beginning, Jesus guided me without my knowing to practice a receptive listening mediation. As I did this over a year, automatically I learned to become clairaudient so that I could hear him speak in my mind. Nevertheless, he mostly guided me by giving me insights at first. Later, he taught me a Process of Forgiveness in which he gave me Miracles that served to awake me and heal me of my guilt and fear. In time, I learned as Jesus was guiding me that forgiveness is based on forgiving an illusion, which never occurred so that as I uncovered the contents of my unconsciousness, I was able to see that what I actually believed and felt was groundless.  Over the next twenty-five years I went through an extraordinary process of spiritual growth with him, which is based on this type of forgiveness. As a result, my entire psychology changed so that for the most part, I am no longer identified with the ego, whose thinking is based on guilt from the belief  I have separated from God.  Instead I enjoy an identity in spirit where I can extend to everyone God’s Love, Peace, Wholeness, Perfection, Innocence, Freedom and Joy to name just a few of the wonderful exalted states which I enjoy and are part of our true nature and identity in God.

Interested People With Questions May Contact The Writer

If anyone is interested in going through such a transformation like I have they may refer to a blog Jesus and I wrote together at www. Miraclemethod4forgiveness.wordpress.com. The requirements are posted here along with many explanations from Jesus who clarifies what he meant by some of the concepts he often uses in his Book, A Course in Miracles. People who are sincerely interested in this work may also contact me personally if they wish with questions at mthom247@aol.com. I am glad to help anyone be a part of this wonderful, extraordinary Path of Spiritual Growth too.

I have a background in Mental Health and Human Development in which I recieved my Masters from the University of California, Irvine. I began working with Jesus in 1984-1985 and worked personally with him in spirit over the next 25 years. During that time, I underwent a remarkable spiritual transformation where I ended up with a state of mind that resides in Peace, Sacredness and Love among many other exaulted attributes that we have been given from God. For those people who are interested in going through a similar spiritual change, they can go to www.miraclemethod4forgiveness.com and or they can write me with guestions at mthom247@aol.com

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