Stop!  Look! Listen to your Heart and What it’s Saying!

The heart speaks to me this week.  One heart attack resulting in a quadruple bypass.  One heart stopped beating and he left. One heart is surrounded by inflammation as she fights back an autoimmune condition.   Stop rushing.  Stop running.  Stop avoiding.  Look into your heart.  What are you feeling? What are you carrying?   Listen to its own special rhythm that beats without your command circulating the life blood that nourishes your body.  Listen to the emotion that it feels and choose to heal it – reduce the pressure,

In Chinese medicine, the heart is the organ which is most vulnerable to excessive emotion because it is the home of Spirit and Consciousness – the heartmind as it were.   Sustained periods of grief and pessimism wreak havoc on the heart and the lungs.  It is the breath, the most immediate source of energy  which keeps the body’s fluids circulating through the heart. We can fast for long periods of time without food or water but we cannot go without air for more than a few minutes without sustaining long term damage.  The  maladies of the heart such as angina, heart attacks, and inflammation of the pericadium are far to familiar to many of us.  The immune disorders caused by lowered resistance are more and more common in today’s world. As “King” of the internal organs any impairment of the heart energy resulting in fluctuations of the pulse, the blood pressue  and circulation can do damage to all the other organs.  How do we balance these emotional energies to create optimum health and happiness? What can we do to avoid these conditions or help Western medicine resolve our dis-ease?

Restore the vital energy to the heart which has been depleted from years of sadness, grief, pain, unforgiving attitudes, hopelessness, anxiety and prolonged pessimism. Stop, look and listen to your heart and what it is saying.

Close your eyes.  Take a nice full, deep cleansing breath allowing your abdomen to expand with the air.  Slowly let it go.  Take in another breath of life and release.   And yet another.  Quiet your mind.  Quiet your body. In your mind’s eye visualize your heart.  What does it look like?  It doesn’t matter whether you see it anatomically correct or like a valentine. What matters is that you see it.  The size, the shape, the texture and the  color.  Take it in, all aspects of it.  Now with a softer vision, look around your heart.  What color do you see? What light emantes from it?  Is it green, pink or yellow? Maybe it is black, gray, brown or red? What feeling do you get from your heart – is the energy light or is it dark?  Does it feel dense and heavy or light and effervescent?  Is it cold or warm? Does it feel open or closed, vibrant or stagnant?  Is it beating hard or is it pulsing gently?

Now take your left hand and place it on your heart.  Feel your own special drum beat . . the sensation beneath your fingertips. Feel the chestbone in the center between your breasts where your heart is buried and protected beneath the sternum.  Just rest your hand there and allow your palm to generate heat.  With full, deep breaths begin to feel your heart relax under the warmth of your hand. Place your other hand on your heart as well.  In your mind’s eye see your heart bathed in a warm green light of healing.  Surround your heart in the light and let the color penetrate deeply into the tissue.  After a few minutes – see the light change to a soft pink.  Feel the pink light of love heal your heart.  Allow all pain,  hurt and grief soften under your hand.  If you are so moved to tears, allow them to fall.  Gently massage your chest.  Breathe deeply.  Feel inspired to heal.  Know that you have the capacity to break through the shell of your heart and transform dark, closed energy into light, open spaces.   Slowly allow this color to transform into a golden white light that vibrates around your chest.  Send this light from your hand into your heart as you continue to massage and release any emotional toxicity that no longer serves you. Feel the pain, the hurt and the grief dissolve under your hands as you bathe your heart in a golden white healing light. Feel yourself loving you.

After a few moments remove your hands from your chest.  Shake off the energy contained in your hands.  Be still.  Be calm. Be quiet.  Reflect on what just happened.  Whisper a quiet prayer of gratitude for this healing moment – the opportunity to send love to your heartand if you so desire journal on your experience.

Do this exercise frequently.  You may adapt as you see fit and may choose to end it by sending love to someone in your life who may need it or by opening your heart to receive love from someone who has crossed over who is no longer with you but loved you and still lives in your heart.

Heal your heart.  Stay open to give and receive love. That is our true work on earth.

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