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Reiki: the Kaizen of Reiki

  If you have come across the word ‘kaizen’ before it will probably have been in the context of industrial quality control or personal development. “Kaizen” is a Japanese word that is usually translated as ‘improvement’, but it means more than that. The word has connotations of continuous, gradual, orderly and never-ending improvement, the […]

How Can You Use The Strategy Of Pivoting To Your Advantage?

Your thoughts will either spiral you upward and assist you in feeling good or if they are not kept in balance they will spiral you downward, and make you feel not so good. On a particular morning this summer I experienced a series of small events that could of put me into a downward spiral […]

Weight Loss Crystals Explained

Weight loss crystals Have you tried every method possible to lose weight including crash diets, fasts and methods that are used to cleanse the body? For many people fighting with weight loss, they have tried many of the methods that are available without success. Do you feel like it is time to try something new […]

Art of Allowing Good Health

“… Even the thought of “healing” is pointed upstream, for it implies an overcoming of the illness. Feel the distinction between the thought of “beating the illness” and that of ‘permitting the wellness.’” Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Astonishing Power of Emotions “The healing power is a consciousness of the Unity of all Life and […]

Metaphysical Training: Workshops and Seminars

Find Metaphysical Training in the United States and Canada. With the expansion of alternative and healing arts schools, it is only natural that metaphysical training workshops and seminars have too, evolved. Today, individuals can enroll in a number of metaphysical training classes that entail studies in energy healing (i.e. reiki, chakra balancing, etc.) or in […]

Prayer 101 And Ideas, Thoughts & Words On The Process Of Prayer

How do you pray? Some say that prayer is a personal thing. Others say that group prayer or public prayer is better than praying privately. Some say they do not pray at all. How do you pray and when do you pray – if you pray at all? I began writing this article because I […]

Metaphysical Degree: Studies of Interest

Find Metaphysical Degree Programs in the United States and Canada. Metaphysical degree programs are gaining in popularity at they present a wide array of studies from which one can choose. A number of metaphysical degree programs promise professional advancement as students can elect to pursue their bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate’s degree. Students enrolled in […]

Acceptance, Forgiveness, and the Art of Aikido

At the last Zen retreat that I went to at our temple here, in my interview with the Zen master, he said, “Zen is simply accepting this moment as it is.” That’s it. Being able to accept it. It doesn’t mean you have to like it. It doesn’t mean you want to try to change […]

Massage Therapy Can Bring Myofascial Release in Warrington PA

Myofascia, or the connective tissue around the muscles, pervades the entire body. Because of this, myofascial pain can be far reaching and can come in the form of many different types of body pain. To ease and relieve such pain, myofascial release is necessary. Therapeutic massage is particularly effective in bringing about myofascial release. In […]

Negative Emotions Have Value

Copyright (c) 2008 Mary Ann Copson I believe that the most important thing in the world is that you feel good. When you feel good, you are most likely to experience your greatest growth and evolutionary change. The problem for me is that I so naturally seem to find the negative in any […]